a time to dance and a time to pause

To my dearest Creative Fridays tribe,

As you might have heard, “Dance-A-Day, in the month of May” is in full swing this month. It’s rocking my world. (You can still join us if you haven’t yet!)

I’ll be taking a little pause from our regular Friday posts here to focus my energy on completing my book and rocking out the daily dance prompts.

(You might hear from me on random occasions, though!)

Here are some ways to stay connected and things to look out for in the meantime:

  • Reach out to me directly if you’re curious about working with me this spring/summer. A few spots are opening up in my private coaching calendar, and I’m also hosting an exclusive day-long immersion workshop on June 24th in NYC (with a focus on empowerment and solo dance piece creation). 7 of the 12 spots are already full, and I imagine the others will be scooped up soon, so please hit reply if you’d like to learn more.

Also. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Knowing that you’re dancing through life is one of the best gifts I could ever get.

Thank you for being here.

I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

with love and a deep bow of gratitude,

2 comments on “a time to dance and a time to pause

  1. Julie B on said:

    So excited about your book, Jess! Enjoy your break here, and just so you know, I’m enjoying the Dance-A-Day so I’m glad you’re doing that! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU tomorrow!!! May it be a dancing, blessed, beautiful, wonderful & special birthday!!! <3

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