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I’m Jess and I spent a long time feeling stuck, frustrated, and out of sorts with myself and my body when I wasn’t dancing or feeling creatively expressed. As someone who was on the professional ballerina track as a teenager, life felt weird when I was mostly sitting in front of a computer all day at a job I wasn’t happy with. Even when I began to find meaningful work in the world of health coaching, there was still something missing.

So I started making my own dance videos as a way to start dancing again and get back in my body, but in my own unique way. It helped me to feel self-expressed and back in touch with creative parts of myself that had been kept dormant for awhile.

The more I made and shared the videos, the more I recognized how essential creative expression was to my own happiness and success, as well as to other people in my life.

I then started the Creative Fridays blog as a way to bring a personal, written component to my artistic journey, and I soon discovered that others found it helpful on their creative paths.
After that, I morphed my health coaching practice into what it is today: coaching programs, workshops, and dance classes that provide structure, support, and deep transformation, with a huge emphasis on self-expression and creativity.

What I can do for you:

I’m so thrilled that my own experiences and experiments have developed into something that can be helpful and transformative for others. If you’re looking for some inspiration, motivation, or are curious to see what (re)igniting your own creative spark can do for your life, I invite you to join me. Start with Creative Fridays: You can sign up below and I’ll send you a free gift!

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More About Jess (an official bio):

Jess Grippo is an award-winning dancer, creativity coach, TEDx speaker, and recent Semi-Finalist in New York’s Got Talent. Essentially, her work is about dancing through life and helping others do the same.

After quitting ballet at the age of 19, she didn’t think she would ever dance again, until years later when the calling kept showing up. Rather than going back to the traditional dance world that felt too intimidating and too confining, she started grooving on her own and making homemade dance videos, which led to creating a unique dance career for herself.

She guides other dancers and creators do the same via her You Can Dance Again program and coaching practice, inspiring her students to unearth their buried passions, finally take ownership of their unique expression, and integrate their creativity into their lives.

Graduates of her coaching programs have gone on to start dance companies and other kinds of creative businesses, to make career changes, to perform or publish their art, and to finally own the title “artist.”

If you’re curious to see how Jess can help YOU, write her a note and tell her you’d like to talk. (Even though this is written in the third person, there is a real human being on the other side of this text, I promise ;)