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New here? It gets even better when you subscribe to my email list. Special gifts await. Thanks for visiting!I had the pleasure of leading a Flashdance-inspired warm-up at a rehearsal for my dear friend and colleague’s project, “23 Skidoo” She let me indulge in leading cheesy 80′s dance moves while encouraging the crowd to physically […]

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why procrastination is useful

Do you ever procrastinate? I do. It’s now Wednesday and I’m sending out the Creative Fridays email I meant to do last Friday.I had wanted to write about the full moon and the workshop I’m leading this Friday the 13th. But I didn’t do it. Why not? It was a combination of fears coming up […]

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subway dance

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wisdom from the 24-hour flu bug

Every year around this time in March, I get sick. This time, thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as last year’s 3-day bed/toilet-ridden adventure. (It was a throat thing combined with that achy, tired feeling that makes you want to sleep all day.) I’m telling you this not to gross you out but to share with […]

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get moving

This is a powerful week! The Spring Equinox on March 20th, signaling our official entry into the expansive, active spring season, along with the New Moon in Aries on March 22nd are both indications that it’s time to light the fire under your butt and get moving! If you were like me this week, you […]

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are you serious?

I’m not just saying it as a semi-sarcastic rhetorical question. I’m really asking: Are you serious? Are you serious about your self, your passions, your purpose, what you’re bringing to this world? Is there something or someone you believe in so much that it fills you with fire inside and makes you feel like a […]

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full of it

Full things are on my mind today. The full moon yesterday, the fullness of my schedule this week, the full feeling I’ve had in my belly. How they all seem to be related… (Perhaps: The fullness of my schedule under the influence of the full moon kept me from dancing which in turn filled my […]

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small things

Do you keep a mini notebook in your pocket or handbag? I’ll tell you why I ask in a moment. Today is Friday, as you know, and keeping in line with my mission to make Fridays the most creative-focused day of the week, I’m searching for inspiration and feeling a bit fearful it isn’t there. […]

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what you missed last Friday!

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dance video share: changing shape

created on a Thursday morning in February – unseasonably warm for Brooklyn winter.

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are you tired?

Tonight’s note will be quick – Because, I’ll be honest, I’m tired. In the midst of my excitement about developing this group and wanting to write up the perfect email to share with you today (since today is a very special day – you’ll see why), I realized that I was pushing a bit too […]

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I have a question for you.

Do you have a dream? You know, the kind of dream that might feel a little far off from where you are now, the kind of dream that whispers to you “anything is possible,” even if your rational mind shushes it up all too soon. Do I know exactly what my dream is? Not really. […]

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full moon fire

The full moon on Tuesday is in the sign of Leo, and rather than giving you my amateur astrological interpretation of the event, I’ll share with you some wisdom from the experts. It’s particiularly potent for our creative energy, which is why I felt compelled to share it here! April Elliott Kent, via, advises […]

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