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introducing… Personal Power Dance Sessions

Me + You. 90 minutes. An open studio space. (Or a virtual video studio space.) Time to laser in on a particular challenge you’re working through and/or a particular new super power you’re cultivating. You’ll walk away (ahem –  dance away) with your own Personal Power Dance sequence. This is a customized, choreographed dance sequence, […]

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this blog post is 5 sentences long.

On this Creative Friday, or shall we call it Cinco de Danza, I’m going to let dance speak for me. Because I’m tired. Because it’s been a rough week. Because I’m realizing how I can overcomplicate or overexplain things when actually all that’s needed is a dance. Here’s my dance video and story. I hope […]

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the kind of dance that’s needed with urgency

Back in the spring of 2014, I walked to the park to find a place to dance. It was the kind of dance that was needed with urgency. It was the kind of urgency that was felt at the start of spring, when new life is ready to bust out from all angles. It was […]

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what dancing in public has taught me

Dancing in public places has taught me a lot. Some people really see you and some people don’t. Some people smile and some people give you weird looks. Some people want to dance along, but most do not. (Except for the children. They usually dance.) My own confidence and fears get tested. My comfort zone […]

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dance is not a luxury. here’s why.

Throwback to June of 2011, a bit over 5 years ago. I was living in my parent’s basement temporarily after having to leave my Brooklyn apartment quite suddenly. It was 6 months after my dad’s stroke, 2 months into a new romantic relationship, and I was making dance videos like crazy.   Why?   Because […]

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the bold act of being messy

In a world that demands perfection, it’s a bold act to let yourself be messy. To let yourself express something authentic, versus what you think everyone else wants to see.   I could end the post right there, but I’ll share a little story to back it up.   In the studio with a private […]

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enough of the mopey energy. we need your creative power.

You can wait for the stars to align You can wait for the right kind of sign You can hope and pray for an answer You can tiptoe around like a dancer But no matter the season or time No matter if you don’t have a dime If there’s something you want to do The […]

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don’t read this. go dance it out.

On the small chance that you didn’t take my advice and you actually did open this blog post, Hello.   I’ll keep it brief because the main message today is to really get in your body and move – not just talk about it.   A slight epiphany occurred yesterday when I realized I had […]

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getting back to joy, dance-video style

You’re feeling: Restless. Stuck inbetween. Seeing what needs to change but not quite there yet.   So you: Think about it. Try to figure it out. Spend lots of time contemplating what to do next.   And then you: Get frustrated. Repeat the cycle of feeling restless and stuck. Get more annoyed with yourself.   […]

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to a life beyond waiting. (announcing my first book!)

A philosophy I live by, which ties into the founding philosophy of the Creative Fridays blog you’re reading, is this: Don’t wait for someone to give you permission. You make your own rules. You create your life. (Start with Fridays.) I started this blog over 4 years ago on a Friday because I was tired […]

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it’s as simple as making space

Where in your life are you overcomplicating things?   (or overcomplicanning?)   Where are you thinking waaaaaay too much and trying to “figure it out” relentlessly?     Here’s a suggestion – Just give it some space.   The creative process and life and itself is not controlled by you.   Your only job is […]

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why my program launch failed

So, here’s some honesty:   I’ve been planning to start my Thriving Artist’s Program in February with a goal of having 10 people join. You might have seen my emails last week that invited you to apply.   Despite doing everything “right” – i.e. writing and sending passion-filled emails, making calls, posting on social media, […]

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the most terrifying creative thing I’ve done

I saw this audition notice for the Dirty Dancing musical on Friday night, right before our You Can Dance Again rehearsal (which, by the way, was at a different location than where we usually are, so I could easily never had seen it).   My heart leaped and I said YES in that moment. I […]

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