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when plans don’t go as planned, will you dance through it?

We’re back to regular Creative Fridays notes! To those of you new here from our Dance-A-Day challenge or other outlets… welcome! This is your weekly love note from me, in service of your self-invention and creative expression. I share personal stories from my own messy journey with the intention that it provides some insight into […]

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this one’s for you if you facilitate groups or want to (it’s time sensitive! open up)

Every so often I like to share with you resources and tools from other experts that have transformed my creativity and business on such a deep level that I’m compelled to spread the love. Today is one of those days. I want to share with you a training that I know you would love so […]

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if you’re anxious or stuck on a decision, remember this…

“When you first told me that we were going to improvise, I got nervous and stuck in my head trying to figure out what kind of dance moves I would do…” [said a new student in my dance class] “…but then once I was in it and dancing, my body knew exactly what to do […]

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you don’t have to have all the answers in order to take the first step.

In the last 5 years of doing creativity coaching as a profession, I’ve talked to MANY people about what blocks them from creating. The most common response often sounds something like this: “The real project I want to make (or the dream role as an artist I want to have) is going to take a […]

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your go-to list for creative gift ideas

Whether you’re looking to stick to a budget, avoid consumer culture, or just simply reignite your creative spark this holiday season, I hope these ideas will inspire your process. photo or video keepsakes At your next event, don’t forget your camera! Photo and video footage of epic moments can easily become keepsake items for gift-time. […]

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the times we remember most are these…

Let’s face it. We don’t REALLY want to go see the dance shows, music shows, and plays that our friends are doing. Sure, the good intention is there and we theoretically want to see them. But. We are tired after work. There are other obligations to attend to. In NYC especially, life is busy and […]

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enough of the mopey energy. we need your creative power.

You can wait for the stars to align You can wait for the right kind of sign You can hope and pray for an answer You can tiptoe around like a dancer But no matter the season or time No matter if you don’t have a dime If there’s something you want to do The […]

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getting back to joy, dance-video style

You’re feeling: Restless. Stuck inbetween. Seeing what needs to change but not quite there yet.   So you: Think about it. Try to figure it out. Spend lots of time contemplating what to do next.   And then you: Get frustrated. Repeat the cycle of feeling restless and stuck. Get more annoyed with yourself.   […]

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it’s as simple as making space

Where in your life are you overcomplicating things?   (or overcomplicanning?)   Where are you thinking waaaaaay too much and trying to “figure it out” relentlessly?     Here’s a suggestion – Just give it some space.   The creative process and life and itself is not controlled by you.   Your only job is […]

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what destroyed you can save you

Dance once destroyed me:   The battered toes.   The worries and woes.   Tunnel vision.   Heavy competition.   Bananas for lunch.   Broccoli for dinner.   Painful knees.   More stretching, please. But dance also saved me:   The lonely nights.   Avoiding fights.   The boredom.   The freedom.   The choice […]

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if you’re feeling a bit lost…

 “i want to put together a plan, but cant bring myself to do it. whats wrong with me?   i’m feeling a bit lost.  i want to share myself with the world but i don’t know what to share.  are the videos i made dumb?  am i becoming narcissistic? or was i always and just […]

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why do I feel so “lazy?”

If you’ve been feeling tired, lazy, crazy, unfocused, or unmotivated in the last week or so, you are not alone.   Between the supermoon eclipse on Sunday, the weather changes (if you’re in a weather-changing climate), and the changes happening within you and your life, it’s not surprising that life could feel a bit overwhelming. […]

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3 ways to get out of a creative rut

If you’re an artist or creative person, you’re probably familiar with the phase of “UGH.”   “Ugh! I just can’t seem to focus.”   “Ugh! I’m stuck in this job/relationship/situation, and don’t have any time to work towards my real dreams and goals.”   “Ugh! I’m so overwhelmed and tired that I just want to […]

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