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introducing… Personal Power Dance Sessions

Me + You. 90 minutes. An open studio space. (Or a virtual video studio space.) Time to laser in on a particular challenge you’re working through and/or a particular new super power you’re cultivating. You’ll walk away (ahem –  dance away) with your own Personal Power Dance sequence. This is a customized, choreographed dance sequence, […]

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when plans don’t go as planned, will you dance through it?

We’re back to regular Creative Fridays notes! To those of you new here from our Dance-A-Day challenge or other outlets… welcome! This is your weekly love note from me, in service of your self-invention and creative expression. I share personal stories from my own messy journey with the intention that it provides some insight into […]

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a time to dance and a time to pause

To my dearest Creative Fridays tribe, As you might have heard, “Dance-A-Day, in the month of May” is in full swing this month. It’s rocking my world. (You can still join us if you haven’t yet!) I’ll be taking a little pause from our regular Friday posts here to focus my energy on completing my […]

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this blog post is 5 sentences long.

On this Creative Friday, or shall we call it Cinco de Danza, I’m going to let dance speak for me. Because I’m tired. Because it’s been a rough week. Because I’m realizing how I can overcomplicate or overexplain things when actually all that’s needed is a dance. Here’s my dance video and story. I hope […]

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if it feels forced, it doesn’t fit

The photo you see here of me and Mochi, the 6-month-old puppy, is part of the reason why I didn’t write to you last Friday. Puppy-sitting for a week turns out to be quite the job (along with the million other personal things that seemed to come up in the same week… and I have […]

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why you don’t dance

pssst… Today and for the rest of this month, I’ll be releasing excerpts from my upcoming book, Dance With This Book, to be officially released on May 12th, 2017. This chapter in particular was written and added last, but I feel in many ways is the most important part of the entire book. (If it […]

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we need your dance

Allow me to throw something raw out there this week. Allow me to share without a formulated blog post, without any sort of agenda, without fanfare. Just with words that have been marinating in my belly for years. Words that had the opportunity to resonate in the presence of other humans for the first time […]

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“the OA” story: how my Netflix binge became a reality

(While I highly recommend watching this show, even if you don’t watch it, this post will have relevance. And there are no spoilers in case you do want to watch it.) I watched the entire 8-episode series of The OA in one weekend, during a time when I was exhausted and premenstrual. I was tired […]

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what’s the dream you’ve been putting off?

What’s the dream that can really seem too hard to let go of yet too tough to redeem?   Where’s the passion that can’t be rationed, stirring your soul to the point of crashin’?   Who really knows where your heart goes in the middle of the night when your inner world grows?   When […]

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do you give it all away?

I’m that person you sit next to at the movie theater who screams out loud, sobs audibly, and jumps out of her chair at every slightly surprising moment. (You might want to stay far away from me during La La Land, but luckily this communication is via email so we can laugh about it now […]

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what dancing in public has taught me

Dancing in public places has taught me a lot. Some people really see you and some people don’t. Some people smile and some people give you weird looks. Some people want to dance along, but most do not. (Except for the children. They usually dance.) My own confidence and fears get tested. My comfort zone […]

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if you’re anxious or stuck on a decision, remember this…

“When you first told me that we were going to improvise, I got nervous and stuck in my head trying to figure out what kind of dance moves I would do…” [said a new student in my dance class] “…but then once I was in it and dancing, my body knew exactly what to do […]

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when it feels like it’s all too much to handle

It’s almost too much to handle. Busting at the seams with passion and desire and anger and love and a voice that wants to be heard and….. And… And… And yet. And yet where is the outlet? How does this storm of emotions and truth channel itself through me? I saw my mom have an […]

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