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  • Do you feel stifled, blocked, or unfulfilled in your current career or life situation?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your body and wish to integrate more movement, intuition, and connection? 
  • Do you get jealous when you see others living up to their potential and creative dreams?


The good news is, if you’re feeling this way there’s probably a lot of untapped creative potential inside of you waiting to be accessed. I can only speak from my own experience, and what I know is this: When I wasn’t dancing, writing, and connecting with people from what I felt was my most genuine self, I felt cranky, stuck, and pretty unhappy – even when I was doing things in my life that technically should have been fulfilling.

Copyright NYU Photo Bureau: Slezak

Copyright NYU Photo Bureau: Slezak



  • Imagine having someone on your side - who has been there and personally experienced the same kind of transformation you crave - to witness your dreams and nudge you in the right direction, consistently and powerfully.
  • Imagine not getting stuck in the typical procrastination or self-sabotaging patterns that are keeping you stuck.

I want you to see your own incredible power even more fully. I want to get you out of your own way so that you can worry less and create more of what you truly want.


How can you get there?

I created my signature program The Thriving Artist’s Program to guide you through my tried and true process for reviving your creative power. The program includes:

  • private coaching sessions
  • group coaching sessions
  • a showcase to feature you and the creative work you develop throughout the program
  • guidance in making solid and lasting transformation in your life
  • connection to a community supporting one another in the process

You get the support and structure of a coaching program, PLUS guidance in creating a tangible project by the end of the program. This creative project and process is central to the transformational process we’ll be going through together.

Whether you’re completely new to the idea of calling yourself an artist, or have been doing so for years, I guarantee there is something new you’ll discover.

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Because the program is a highly personalized experience, I want to take the time to talk with each candidate prior to registration so that we can be sure the program will suit your needs.

If you have a sense this program would be the right fit for YOU, complete this application and I’ll get back to you discuss next steps!

(Coaching happens via phone or skype, so we can work it no matter where you live.)

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What have past clients achieved?

* started dancing again

*  started a dance company

* finally started writing their book

* got featured in the NY Times & FOX News

* danced, sang, performed on stage for the first time

* reignited painting career

* got out of draining job in NY and moved to sunny California

* started teaching art workshops as a side gig

* found focus and deeper purpose within current creative endeavors

* created performance pieces based on personal experience and life stories

* created new routines that support their health and creative lifestyle

* and more!


Marikit Catalano“…through our work together, dance is a part of my life again.”

Before working with Jess, I struggled with bringing dance back into my life.  Deep down, I longed to dance again, but I was buried in self-doubt, depression, and resistance.  I joined the Thriving Artists Program (TAP) and step by step with Jess’ guidance, I started dancing again.  I also began getting more in touch with my emotions, which I learned I’d been disconnected from for a while.  For the TAP showcase, I choreographed my own dance piece and performed for the first time in three years.

I’m happy to say that through our work together, dance is a part of my life again.  I attend dance classes weekly and once again feel the joy that only dance brings to me.  I’ve also rekindled my interest in exercise, reading, and writing.  I even started my own blog!  Best of all, I experience moments in which I feel like being alive is an exciting opportunity and that I’m worthy of living my best life, which is something I’ve rarely, if ever, felt before.

Jess offers the kind of support that I’ve always needed, but never knew existed.  She has led me to a better understanding of the creative process and has shared insight into the struggles and emotions we experience as creative beings.  Jess provides structure and accountability with sensitivity and encouragement from the heart.  This balance of emotional support and practical tools has helped me to blossom in my creative journey and other areas of my life.  I’m truly blessed to have worked with Jess and look forward to all she has to offer in the future.

- Marikit, Dancer, NYC

photo (17)“…seeing the path so that I can make my dreams come true!”

“When I first came to Jess, my main issue was DOING IT. I have so many ideas, but getting them off paper and into real 3D action was very difficult for me. Now, I am actually seeing the path so that I can make my dreams come true!

I had a lot of fear and doubt about the legitimacy of my contributions, but now I know it’s just worse to keep it all inside! Even admitting that I had that fear and doubt is a huge step for me. The ideas are still coming, but they aren’t as overwhelming. I can see how to manage them, how to market them, and how to build them within my life NOW. I’m proud to say I finally started my dance company, Elephant Dance Company, during my program with Jess. Later is no longer a sustainable option. ”

- Mary Ellen Carafice, Founder & Artistic Director of Elephant Dance Company, Brooklyn NY



10644773_1481095585483658_6376553881062989654_o“I feel so much more connected to Who I Am and am a thousand times more clear in expressing my truth.”


Before working with Jess, I was living a life paved by others and I thought I would be living that way for the rest of my life.  And yet, my Creative Self kept calling, yearning to come out.  It had been 10 years since I danced from my heart at the time I met Jess, and it seemed like such a distant memory.


I still can’t believe and yet I DO BELIEVE IT, within 9 months during the TAP program I  launched my work as a coach AND I choreographed 2 pieces that were near and dear to my heart and performed these two pieces in front of a supportive audience on two separate days.  I also created a Meetup group that meets every few weeks, where men and women can gather in person or virtually to express their souls through free movement dance.  I loved the fact that I was able to meld my interests in spirituality with my love of dance.  I never thought that would be possible for me, and yet it became so.

Jess is an amazing guide.  She understood all my fears about making a living dancing, about being accepted, about being creatively stagnant, about giving value to my passion, about navigating through changes in my relationships because of choosing to live from the heart.  She has been through it and knew the exact words to say to keep me focused and creating as well as to be gentle with myself when I’m not feeling creative…to still be open to inspirations.  She understood the cycles creative artists go through and lovingly guided me through it.  I trusted her and valued her support and guidance.

Most importantly, she helped me release so much of the pain and conditioning that blocked my creative flow and challenged me to connect deeper with my feelings and voice them through my art of dancing.  I feel so much more connected to Who I Am and am a thousand times more clear in expressing my truth.  The creative well was tapped open and will forever continue to flow.

- Marie Carolyn Gatus, Dancer/Choreographer & Life Coach, Los Angeles CA


Sally Mercedes just breathe“I’ve made creativity part of my daily life…”

“I’ve always loved to write, sing, dance, etc. but had been completely disconnected from that for a long time. In these last few months, I’ve made creativity part of my daily life, journaling constantly, singing and performing, and making moves towards one of my ultimate life goals of writing a book.

I’m super excited about my writing, but Jess has helped me immensely in other areas of my life as well. Sometimes fear is our biggest block, but other times, the practical stuff is taking up so much energy, we can’t create without getting past it. With Jess’ support, I’ve been able to work on expressing myself despite these obstacles. Now I’m confident I’ll be able to get past anything else that comes up in the future, so that I can keep prioritizing my creative expression, which is so essential to my happiness and wellbeing.”

- Sally Mercedes, Consultant & Writer, Paterson NJ

IMAG0568“… satisfied a long-overdue need for self-expression.”

While working alongside Jess, I was able to resurface hidden passions and my need to paint. Sharing my artwork with others – for the first time in a very long time – satisfied a long-overdue need for self-expression.

Not only was I able to do that, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive longterm effects that setting creative goals has brought to all dynamics of my life: it has improved the quality of my personal and spiritual life. Today, I find that getting aligned with my creative spirit allows me to find more fluidity and joy in my everyday life.

Not only will I continue painting, but I will take this project to the next level by sharing my artwork and facilitating workshops so I may share my passion with those who are open to learning.

- Deirdre Flood, Artist & Art Teacher, Brooklyn NY


Diana_Salute_sm“…just the push I needed.”

“I began the process of making true peace with my long term commitment to put creativity first in my life while working with Jess. The process enabled me to get over mental and emotional hurdles deeply ingrained in my subconscious. The work and play required on my own, one on one with Jess, and with Jess’ Creative Fridays group was just the push I needed to go deeper and broader into my own creative life experience. Thanks for the love and the listening, Jess!

~ Diana McClure, Artist, Brooklyn NY


candid smile blur - mod“…allowed my most authentic self to shine…”

Through my work with Jess, I became more aware and appreciative of my body, values, talents, passions, goals, dreams, and desires. It’s as if she lifted a veil and allowed my most authentic self to shine, bringing out things in me that had been buried under layers of fear for years.

She allowed me to slowly pull back and shed those layers, opening me up to amazing things like drawing and painting after years of creative suppression; writing more consistently and using it as a tool to not only organize but also clear my thoughts and improve communication; sharing my work with friends, family, and complete strangers; identifying and reconnecting with my support network; connecting to my body and its cycles; owning my gifts and recognizing my worth and potential; cultivating ideas for my future business and ideal life… These are only a few of my successes, all of which were accomplished with her support and guidance.

I’m getting back to being truly happy with myself as a whole. I feel more positive, hopeful, trusting, and confident in myself and my future endeavors - more than ever before.

~ Sasha Mercedes, Artist, San Francisco CA



“…my universe has shifted and I have transcended.”

“Working with Jess has been an incredible catalyst for my creative flow. Throughout the course of being in the TAP program, my universe has shifted and I have transcended. 

Jess has helped me see a new perspective in many areas of my life, and has given some sound tips and advice. She’s been there through and through to remind me about ME… Even the Spa Eat Party Repeat girl needs a kick in the butt sometimes. I’m grateful that I treated myself to the TAP program.”

- Michelle Joni Lapidos, “Enigma,” Brooklyn NY


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 Words from clients after a live Showcase:


Virtual Client Showcases:


If you’ve read this far, you might be experiencing that common thing that happens to us creative types: Resistance.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that this can work for everyone else but not you. Maybe you’re saying that you don’t have the time or money to spend on something for yourself or that in the “real world” there are more important things to worry about than your own creativity and happiness.

Yea, yea…those resistances could be considered valid, but my question for you is this:

Where are they going to get you? (Probably nowhere)

You can keep believing the negative voices, or you can step into a new possibility.

All it takes is one step. No obligation, no expectations. Just you, me, and a space to explore your deepest dreams and desires.

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