creative clarity sessions

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  • If your website or online presence doesn’t quite reflect the depth and purpose of your message…
  • If you struggle to stay consistent with your newsletter or social media posts…
  • If you know you do powerful work in the world but don’t know how to capture it into words… 

Enter: The Creative Clarity Session, a unique 2-hour experience that guides you to speak your truth from an embodied place and finally get it into clear and concise words. In a 1-1 phone or video call, I provide a mix of coaching and embodiment work to help you get your authentic voice out, plus the nitty gritty support of actually forming it into powerful and effective copy for your website, blog, marketing campaigns, etc.


Let me help you dance into your truth, find your voice,

and get it out there clearly, consistently, and powerfully!


JRP Vivian Lord-16In one clarity session with Jess I stepped into the safe space she opened up for me to freely share what means most to me about my work and message. I laughed, I cried, and I broke through old limiting beliefs that were holding me back from talking about what I was too scared to say before.

I’m so much more excited to put my fingers to the keys!! I’m thrilled to have Jess at my side to help me get clear AND creative with my own writing and also create copy for upcoming events and programs. Thanks Jess!

Dr. Vivian Lord, ND, Naturopathic Physician



In addition to maintaining my own weekly blog and newsletter for 4 years and counting, I was a copywriter for a major women’s health brand for 7 years as I built my own coaching business. I’m now really excited to combine my writing experience and unique style of creativity coaching into a service that’s been helping other entrepreneurs get their voices and messages out into the world in powerful ways.



It’s for you if you want to do any of the following:

  • rebrand your website or online presence
  • create a bio that really feels like you
  • plan out an editorial calendar of newsletters, blogs, or social media posts
  • generate authentic content for marketing emails and web pages
  • get clarity on your ideal client and the unique process you lead them through

In conjunction with all the amazing content you’ll create, you’ll also:

  • take ownership of the depth of your message
  • discover what makes your voice unique
  • bring your voice and message out in ways you were too scared to in the past

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melanie-300x300My initial 2-hour intensive with Jess was a total game- changer. She provided the space for me to get real with myself and clarify my message more powerfully than I ever have before.

With that clarity, we were able to create marketing copy for my website that captured my voice and really spoke to my ideal client. I’ve been getting awesome responses so far. My friend who is a professional copywriter even went out of her way to point out how awesome the writing is. So far there are over 50 women signed up for my new program! Thanks, Jess!

- Melanie Elkin, founder of Yoga’licious

contact me to set up a complimentary 15-minute call to see if it’s the right fit for you.

About Jess

tedxJess Grippo is a dancer, writer, inspirational speaker, and coach. Ultimately, all of her work is about inspiring people to dance through life: to become more self-expressed, to access the power in their bodies, and to get out of their own way when it comes to making creative dreams happen.

She has been coaching, copywriting, and blogging since 2007 and has studied marketing and business with Joanna Lindenbaum, Marie Forleo, and Derek Halpern, as well as voice and speech training with Susan Main. Her decades of dance and performance experience combine to create a powerful, creative, and body-based approach to the way she coaches clients and cajoles your authentic voice into the world.