dance & creativity coaching with Jess Grippo

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If you are a dancer or a creative person who is ready to:


* develop more confidence in your body and your abilities 

* free up your voice and self-expression as a dancer/artist

* use dance as a tool for insight, healing, & problem-solving

* create a foundation of health so that your creative pursuits can thrive

* get past the excuses and blocks that have stopped you in the past

* create a dance world for yourself that fulfills you

Let me be your coach. 

Jess Grippo dance coaching

Hi, I’m Jess.

For years I stopped dancing.

For years I kept my passion for dancing hidden and separate from my “real job.”

For years I worked to help other people’s dreams come true, while I neglected my own.

For years I barely paid attention to my body and my creativity.

And then I stopped making excuses, got support, and started to own my identity as a dancer and little by little began to share it with the world.


When I started making these key shifts within myself, the same shifts that I now guide my clients through, my whole life and my career began to blossom.

From launching my own blog and business, to giving a TEDx talk, to auditioning, performing, and creating my show, so much was created.

Aside from the outer accomplishments, what was most important to me was that I now had an expressive outlet that I could always turn to - a stable force in my life when things became unstable.

And I realized that I could create my own dance world - one that felt like me, one that was empowering, fun, and fulfilling, instead of being intimidating, confining, and competitive like most of the dance world I had been previously exposed to.

11709399_853617321389312_735753497030346654_nOver the course of the 9 years I’ve been a health & life coach, I’ve guided many other women and men through this same process of making key inner shifts and have been honored to witness the growth and tangible results that they see in their life.

From getting back in the studio and on stage for the first time in 10 years, to creating businesses, dance videos, and their own signature classes, my clients have taken powerful steps in relatively short periods of time, thanks to the structure and support of my coaching programs, and the unique type of guidance I provide.


If this is lighting up something in you, read on for more details and apply! I currently have 5 openings in my practice and would be thrilled to see one of those spots could be yours. 

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Do I need to live in NYC to participate?

No! You can live anywhere and still be part of it.  I’ve worked with clients from New York to Minnesota to California to Germany, and everywhere in between.

There are options to do sessions virtually via videostream.


What’s the investment? 

During your complimentary Creative Guidance Session, I’ll share more about the investment if it seems like we’d be a great fit for working together.

If the private coaching seems like an investment that is above your range but you still really are craving support and sense I’m the woman to help you, I’m happy to share other options of working together that might be more in line with your budget. So there’s no loss in connecting with me – at the very least you’ll walk away from our initial session with clarity, inspiration, and clear next steps for your life and creativity.


How do I apply?

Because the program is a highly personalized experience, I want to take the time to talk with each candidate prior to registration so that we can be sure the program will suit your needs.

If you have a sense this program would be the right fit for YOU, complete this application and I’ll get back to you discuss next steps!

(Coaching happens via phone or skype, so we can work it no matter where you live.)

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Once your application is received, I will reach out to schedule you in for a complimentary Creative Guidance Session with me to discuss your application in more depth and confirm if the program would be the best fit for you.


This is your chance to have 30-40 minutes of my full attention on your personal goals, dreams, and struggles, to uncover truths within you, to envision a thriving future for yourself, and co-create the steps to getting there.



But it’s not for everyone.

It’s only for you if you really feel it’s time:

It’s time to stop hiding and isolating yourself.

It’s time to stop making excuses.

It’s time to dance through your fears – even if the future feels unknown.

Especially if the future feels unknown.

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What have past clients achieved?


Before starting this program with Jess, I couldn’t produce work. I had fallen on some really hard times, and managed to make a small comeback.

I thought that I could bounce back on my own once all my primary needs were met again. But I couldn’t. I was carrying around remnants of all of the things I had been through that year and it was clogging up my creative channels. I couldn’t clear them on my own; I needed help.

During the 6-months of my work with Jess:

  • I produced the first dance piece I had made in over a year.
  • I launched a blog that I had been incubating for years.
  • I quit coffee.
  • I created a healthier creative process (vs. creative binging).
  • I gained tools to work through artists block.
  • I have creative time in my life every week now.

Repainting your walls, buying new incense and rearranging the furniture to nail the perfect ambiance for creation is all well and good…But if you’re serious about evolving your craft, put the paint swatches down and send Jess an email.

- Tanya AntonioWriter, Visual Artist, Activist



Before working with Jess, I was living a life paved by others and I thought I would be living that way for the rest of my life.  And yet, my Creative Self kept calling, yearning to come out.  It had been 10 years since I danced from my heart at the time I met Jess, and it seemed like such a distant memory.


I still can’t believe and yet I DO BELIEVE IT, within the 9 months of my work with Jess, I  launched my work as a coach AND I choreographed 2 pieces that were near and dear to my heart and performed these two pieces in front of a supportive audience on two separate days.  I also created a Meetup group that meets every few weeks, where men and women can gather in person or virtually to express their souls through free movement dance.  I loved the fact that I was able to meld my interests in spirituality with my love of dance.  I never thought that would be possible for me, and yet it became so.

Jess is an amazing guide.  She understood all my fears about making a living dancing, about being accepted, about being creatively stagnant, about giving value to my passion, about navigating through changes in my relationships because of choosing to live from the heart.  She has been through it and knew the exact words to say to keep me focused and creating as well as to be gentle with myself when I’m not feeling creative…to still be open to inspirations.  She understood the cycles creative artists go through and lovingly guided me through it.  I trusted her and valued her support and guidance.

Most importantly, she helped me release so much of the pain and conditioning that blocked my creative flow and challenged me to connect deeper with my feelings and voice them through my art of dancing.  I feel so much more connected to Who I Am and am a thousand times more clear in expressing my truth.  The creative well was tapped open and will forever continue to flow.

- Marie Carolyn Gatus - Dancer/Choreographer & Life Coach



Before working with Jess, I struggled with bringing dance back into my life.  Deep down, I longed to dance again, but I was buried in self-doubt, depression, and resistance.  I joined this program and step by step with Jess’ guidance, I started dancing again.  I also began getting more in touch with my emotions, which I learned I’d been disconnected from for a while.   I choreographed my own dance piece and performed for the first time in three years.

I’m happy to say that through our work together, dance is a part of my life again.  I attend dance classes weekly and once again feel the joy that only dance brings to me.  I’ve also rekindled my interest in exercise, reading, and writing.  I even started my own blog!  Best of all, I experience moments in which I feel like being alive is an exciting opportunity and that I’m worthy of living my best life, which is something I’ve rarely, if ever, felt before.

Jess offers the kind of support that I’ve always needed, but never knew existed.

- Marikit Catalano – Dancer

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More Dance Client Stories:


If you’ve read this far, you might be experiencing that common thing that happens to us creative types: Resistance.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that this can work for everyone else but not you.

Maybe you’re saying that you don’t have the time or money to spend on something for yourself or that in the “real world” there are more important things to worry about than your own dancing, creativity, and happiness.

Yea, yea…those resistances could be considered valid, but my question for you is this:

Where are they going to get you? (Probably nowhere)

You can keep believing the negative voices, or you can step into a new possibility.

All it takes is one step. No obligation, no expectations. Just you, me, and a space to explore your deepest dreams and desires.

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