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If Broadway Dance Center intimidates you, and you want something more – more creative, more expressive, more you – than a cardio work-out from your dance class, join me.

My dance classes, for both experienced dancers and total beginners, aim to fill in the gap between the extremes. In NYC especially, there are a ton of professional level classes, cardio dance classes, and free-form spiritual dance classes, but what about those of us who miss the feeling of “5-6-7-8!” and just want to learn a dance or make one up?

My You Can Dance Again program and other classes are designed to help fill in that gap, with a welcoming, warm environment, engaging warm-up, and the right mix of fun choreography, sweat, and self-expression.



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Here’s my current roster of classes in the NYC area:


Plus, check out:

Adult Beginner Ballet

Saturdays at 8:45am at Studio Maya, Brooklyn



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What people are saying…

em dancin“I haven’t taken dance class in a LONG time.  I had no idea how much stuff from the past was in the way.  Dancing with Jess is so much more than just dancing. She walks the path of what she teaches. She lives her creativity and gives all of us permission to do the same.”

-  Emily Whyte, Actor, Alexander Teacher, M.AmSat




“It got me moving and creating again…”

-       Kelly Gilpatrick, Actor & Film Producer




“Non-judgmental, joyful, a learning experience.”

- Charlotte Blake, Pilates Teacher


“Exercising my life as well as my body!”

-       Sha-Na Dahl, Owner of Love Me Organics



MC pic for Jess

“The 6-week program structure allowed me to work with my schedule and for once make time for something that usually falls by the way side.”

-  Marie-Cecile Girard-Jones, Mom, Executive, and Dancer




“It was a chance for me to get back to something that I had somewhat forgotten… A fun way to ease back into a passion that intimidates me, having been away for so long.”

-  Tyla Fowler, Writer & Personal Assistant

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