you can dance again

you can dance again

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Whether you quit a professional dance career or always had an unrealized dream to start one, this community is your resource and support squad for reviving dance in your life in your own unique way.


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We believe that every dancer is unique and deserves the chance to share their expression with the world in whatever way feels most aligned and authentic.


We believe that dance is more about the expression from within you than it is about your technical abilities.


We believe that returning to dance in your own way is a radical act of reclaiming your power.


Even if you didn’t make the cut at that audition years ago,


Even if you stopped taking classes because of life circumstances,


Even if someone once told you your body type was not “ideal” for dancing,


you can dance again

you can dance again in studio


Join the You Can Dance Again community.

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Our virtual programs and growing roster of classes are designed to support dancers all over the world to:


  • Discover your own authentic movement and get comfortable dancing in any setting

  • Access your freedom, power, and confidence both on and off the dancefloor

  • Create the dance life you always wanted but never knew was possible



What’s up next:

nyc-classes fb-group coaching

I know how scary it can be to try to something new. If you feel yourself being pulled to join us, but are also holding back, know that it’s totally normal. I’m here and accessible to talk to you, human-to-human, dancer-to-dancer, to learn more about you and see how I could guide you best.

Contact me if you have questions or want to talk, or just take the leap and click the sign up buttons!

I would be thrilled to hear from you.

supporting your freest expression through dance,