my TEDx talk: The Dance Less Travelled

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22 comments on “my TEDx talk: The Dance Less Travelled

  1. Super inspiring Jess! Amazing. Totally motivating me to take my own self expression to the next level! <3

  2. OMG! I see now why you were afraid of crowd reaction. When lights blind a comedian, he/she has the laughter of the audience to play off of, this was “hey, it’s me here, I’m sharing my journey” with no reward until finality, even though you hit a home run at every laughable moment. Kudos to whoever did the editing, it could be an HBO documentary. “I’m not on Dancing With The Stars, but I do dance with the Moon.”

    You sure do, and I’m glad everything came out that well for this talk…. it’s why you are here… to give artists courage in the face of fear.

    • Oh thank you, Kevin!!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt the lack of reaction throughout the talk… but hey, at least it’s happening with the recorded version!

      to the moon,

  3. Just watched! YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you :) Keep sharing! xoxo

  4. Beautifully done Jess! I love your honesty. Your ability to be vulnerable makes me brave. I’m inspired to rekindle my relationship with my art (whether it be writing or acting or craft-making or dancing!) and I THANK YOU for reminding me that being human is, at it’s most divine level, about creativity and self-expression. I cried when I saw the video with your dad because as a parent I’ve felt the same joy when seeing my own son express himself in his art and on the soccer field–it’s thrilling! I know how much work went into preparing for your TedX talk—you NAILED IT! Big love to the moon and back to you.

  5. Amazingly crafted. Beautifully shared. Thank you for giving the world permission to dance!

  6. Awesome !!
    Inspiring talk Jess – you are amazing.



  7. So beautiful! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing your humanity beautiful Goddess!

  8. Great TEDx, Jess!!!!

  9. Steph Cowling on said:

    Very brave and moving, Jess. Thank you for sharing your story. I really enjoyed this video and knowing more about your inspiration behind your dance.
    Lots of love!

  10. Beautiful, moving and bold..I loved it!

  11. Julie B on said:

    This was so perfect, Jess, what a great talk you gave!!! :) Thanks for sharing, and for inspiring me so much always!!! :)

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