Did you know ancient Goddess archetypes are used in modern pop culture, and we often don’t even know it?

Take Beyonce’s music video for her song “7/11” for instance,

which actually mimics movements of the ancient Indian goddess Kali:

gif via Watchloud

(“legs movin’ side to side…” not to mention the play on words with her KALE shirt… KALI.)


Or how about Lady Gaga’s song “Venus”

and it’s reference to the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite:

gif via: i-mpulsivado on Tumblr


In many of P!nk’s music videos, her independent, fierce energy & message

echoes the warrior-like spirit of the goddess Artemis:

gif via atrl.net

Is this fierce goddess energy only reserved for pop-stars?

Nope. It’s inside you, too.

Goddesses live through us and inside of us, and one of the best ways to access their power is through DANCE.


In this 4-week workshop you will:

  • Activate your power, confidence, and creative energy through the guidance and structure of goddess archetypes and signature pop-star examples (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, P!nk, etc.)
  • Create a solo dance practice or performance based on a goddess of your choice, or a combination of a few
  • Connect and dance with a community of conscious, powerful, creative women

JessGrippo_Day1-1312-webYou’ll have my support as a director/choreographer with your dance, and as a facilitator and coach, holding space for you to deepen into your authentic expression and inner wisdom.

- Jess

What’s possible when you dance with your inner goddess?

  • >

    You awaken parts of yourself that have been dormant.

    Whether it’s the receptivity and magnetic capabilities of Aphrodite, the powerful, warrior qualities of Artemis, or the fierce energy of Kali that calls us to face our darkness, there’s something in you that’s been wanting to make its way out.

  • >

    You experience creative flow in your career, relationships, & life.

    Dancing and awakening this energy inside of you will create momentum in all areas of your life. Especially if you’ve been feeling stuck or wanting to attract something new in any area, this activation of your body and soul is where it’s at.

  • >

    You have fun and reconnect to your joy.

    As deep as the work can take us, there’s also a sense of lightness and humor about it all. The pop-star elements will ensure that you have a blast and take a break from whatever heaviness might be present in other areas of life.

The amazing thing about the You Can Dance Again program is how it sparks creative growth that improves all areas of your life. I’m gaining clarity about what I want in my life and becoming more comfortable sharing my work which has been so empowering. I feel like I am reclaiming parts of myself that I left behind when I abandoned dance years ago.

Julie McAlinden, New York, NY

It’s happening both online AND in-person in NYC.

your in-person group dance sessions include:

  • a body-awakening warm-up rooted in a fusion of ballet, jazz, & contemporary
  • guided improvisation exercises for accessing your natural movement and trying on the different goddess archetypes
  • goddess-inspired group choreography (think: sassy, sexy, fierce.)
  • open time and guided prompts for developing your own solo work
  • opportunity to perform your solo piece for our group (optional but recommended!)

Before starting YCDA, I struggled to find a dance class that really resonated with me. I felt a bit lost and I worried that there might not be a place for me.

YCDA has helped me to reawaken my own unique dance and has also opened me up to new ways of movement, thanks to Jess and the other YCDA participants. If you are looking for a dance program that is positive, nurturing and inspiring, YCDA is the place for you no matter what your dance background is.

Marikit C, New York, NY

your weekly group video coaching calls will help you:

  • learn about a specially curated group of goddess archetypes and their pop-culture references
  • apply what you learn about the goddesses and your dancing to what’s happening in your life
  • integrate your dance practice into your life

The YCDA program confirmed for me that having a group or community is an integral part of keeping up with my dance practice. While I enjoy dancing alone, having a community of dancers was SO important.

Victoria Crispo, New York, NY

PLUS you’ll get a bonus private 30-minute session with me for support with:

  • * integration of the experience

  • * next steps for your life and dancing




This experience is fitting for beginners to professionals.

Having little dance experience can be helpful, because you have less preconceived notions of what your body should be doing. And if you have a ton of dance experience already, this experience is here to help you unleash something new.

All you need is a desire to have fun, explore your inner world, feel free and empowered, and dance it out.

You Can Dance Again has brought back dance in my life in such a big way! I’m dancing more often and love the creative release that’s so unique to Jess’s teaching. She’s taught me to listen to my body and tap into creativity in new ways.

Christina Kutch, Brooklyn, NY

Does it sound enticing so far?

Great. Let’s talk details.

Each week for 4 weeks, we’ll have an online video group session and, for those who are in NYC, an in-person dance session. The online sessions are recorded in case you can’t make them live.

Our 4th and final session will give you the opportunity to perform your goddess dance piece and be part of a keepsake dance video with our group.

(Please note that being part of the video is totally optional. Sometimes the process can feel sacred and more private, and is best contained in the context of a solo practice or our group only, so the video part is totally your call :)

Our in-person track meets on Mondays, our virtual track on Thursdays.

Mondays 7:40-9:10pm at Keystone Studios – 252 W. 30th St.

November 7, 14, 21, 28


Thursdays 12-1pm EST via video conference*

November 3, 10, 17, 23

(final session will be on a Wednesday because of Thanksgiving)

* These video calls will be recorded. It is not necessary to attend them live, of course it’s great if you can. As long as you are able to watch the recording at some point each week, you’ll be great and connected with the group!

Why this? Why now?

We have a problem.

Too many women have forgotten their bodies have the power to move mountains.

Too many women have decided to leave the playful dancing energy up to the children or Taylor Swift. 

(or drunk moments at karaoke, perhaps?)

Too many women have silenced their voices and locked up their bodies and wonder why they feel stuck.


goddess on the go jess grippoIf this is you, or if you feel like you’re in danger of getting there, it’s time to wake up.

It’s time to dance.

It’s time to free up the creativity and self-expression that has been throwing a tantrum somewhere deep in your soul, dying to be released into the light of day.


Here’s the thing, no one is going to walk into your life and give you the key to freedom and unstuckness.

You have to discover YOUR way.

You have to free yourself.

BUT you don’t have to go about it alone.

In fact, if you try to go about it alone, you’ll probably run into trouble. (isolation, depression, self-criticism, and comparison, just to name a few.)


ycda classWomen, we need each other.

Let the You Can Dance Again tribe be your support squad and let’s lift each other up.

If you crave community, dance, and a space to feel freely self-expressed, join us for this unique and empowering experience.

In my previous life as a professional dancer, everything started to feel so heavy, so serious. From dealing with recurring injuries, to wondering if I would be able to make my rent, to dancing the way I thought I SHOULD dance rather than enjoying the way I WANTED to dance; I got so burned out to the point where I wouldn’t even talk about dance for a year after I retired from performing.

Jess’s program helped me get in touch with why I’ve chosen to move on from dance as I’ve known it in my life thus far and leap into the unknown. It’s because if I’m not enjoying myself, why do what I’ve done!? Now, I’m recreating my relationship with dance on MY terms and it’s the most freeing thing in the world!

I’m  celebrating the fact that I’ve reconnected with something I thought I lost which is ENJOYING myself while dancing and allowing myself to dance in a way that feels good to me.

Heather Fraelick, LMT, Chicago

Ready to get started?

Choose your track and let’s dance!

In-person in NYC

This track includes:

  • 4 in-person group dance sessions (90 min each)
  • 4 group video coaching calls (1 hour each)
  • 1 private 30-minute session with Jess
  • a keepsake dance video of your experience (optional)
  • online community support & connection
  • 3 curated music playlists on each of the goddess themes


2 Payments of $227 or Pay in Full: $450

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Virtual – Online Only

This track includes:

  • guidance & direction for your home dance practice
  • 4 group video coaching calls (1 hour each)
  • 1 private 30-minute session with Jess
  • a keepsake dance video of your experience (optional)
  • online community support & connection
  • 3 curated music playlists on each of the goddess themes


Early Price: $197 (normally $297)

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And wait – there are bonuses!

  • 6 Online Dance Videos & Coaching Sessions

    You’ll get access to my Find Your Rhythm online program for guided dance videos and coaching sessions designed to open you up even more to your own creative voice and power. (A $197 value)


Goddesses Get What They Pay For

I’ve done everything possible to make this experience fulfilling, transformative, and worth every penny you put into it. That being said, it may not be for everyone. If you complete the first week and then genuinely realize it’s not for you, I’ll happily refund you the cost of the program, minus a small processing fee, after an open and honest conversation.


About your facilitator, Jess Grippo:

Jess Grippo dance coachingAfter quitting ballet at the age of 19, Jess didn’t think she would dance again, until years later when the calling kept showing up. Rather than going back to the traditional dance world that felt too intimidating and too confining, she started dancing in her own way – mostly making dance videos on her iPhone. Years later, this practice has evolved into a unique dance career, complete with improvised dance videos, choreographed shows, a TEDx talk, and the Finals of New York’s Got Talent, as well as countless spontaneous street dances with strangers.

She created the You Can Dance Again programming as a way to make the dance world more accessible to more people, guiding other returning dancers to find their rhythm again and design their own dance world.

Connect with Jess on Instagram and her Creative Fridays blog to stay in touch!

p.s. There are also options for deepening the experience with 1-1 dancing and coaching work. Click here to set up a time to talk with Jess if you’re interested. You can also email her directly at jess@jessgrippo.com

After college, I moved to a small town with very few dance opportunities for adults, and for four years I stopped dancing for the first time in my life. I always said that if I realized my dream of moving to NYC, a place rich with dance opportunities for anyone and everyone, I would start dancing again.

I moved to NYC in November 2014, but I didn’t start dancing. I felt out of practice and intimidated to return to a traditional studio setting, and I realized my location was not the only thing holding me back. Then, a former dance teacher and now dear friend told me about the YCDA program.

A day later I spoke with Jess and decided to enroll. Within a week, I was dancing again, and a few weeks later I was performing for the first time in ten years.

If something is holding you back from dancing again or you’ve been hoping for an opportunity to dance again free from comparison or competition, I highly recommend speaking with Jess and exploring the YCDA program.

Cait Marie, NYC-based Freelance Writer + Founder of ARTicles of Clothing Blog

Seeing Jess’s videos on social media and working with her during one of her programs helped me believe that I could dance again — on my own terms — in a healthy way. With dance, I’ve learned that not only can I be my best most healthy self — I can move through anything in life with light, with love, with ferocity, with boldness, and with grace.

Charlotte Blake, Founder/Owner of Charlotte Blake Pilates, New York, NY

Enroll now and free your inner dancer.

I guarantee you’ll be amazed by what emerges.

Virtual – Online Only
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