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Check out the magic created after our last dance workshop:

This was the finale film shoot of the 6-week workshop series “Step Into Yourself: Flashdance-Style” created and led by Jess Grippo.

In addition to our 80s-style jazz classes and choreography, each dancer was guided in creating her own solo dance piece. The solo dances are peppered throughout the video and each will a receive a copy of her full solo video to post, share, or keep as desired.

This was greatly inspired by the theme and message behind the 1983 Flashdance movie: “Take your passion and make it happen! Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life….”

Thanks, Irene Cara, for the lyrics and tunes.

Want to create your own dance video?

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That’s right. You’re gonna get your legwarmers out.

You’re gonna sweat and dance old-school style.

You’ll be guided by me to connect your real-life passions and dreams to the work we do on the dancefloor.

You’re gonna step into yourself, and not try to be anyone else.

I won’t yell at you if you mess up, so you can finally get over those bad memories from childhood ballet school.

In fact, I’ll do nothing but cheer you on and challenge you to surpass your limits and create transformation in your body and life.

And we’ll top it all off with a rockin’ dance video that you’ll have for life. A remembrance and reminder of how friggin cool you are.

Join me for a program that includes: 

  • Six 90-minute dance sessions with full warm-up, floor sequences, & choreography
  • A Flashdance-inspired routine we’ll build upon each week
  • A group dance video, featuring YOU, which we’ll shoot on the last day of the series
  • Motivational & inspirational guidance from Jess for your creative goals and dreams

Dancers of all levels are welcomed!

Each week touches on a different theme:

WEEK 1: Stepping In
Getting yourself in the door is usually the hardest part.  This session is about getting started and waking up your body and spirit.
WEEK 2: Claiming Your Purpose
Why are you here? What do you want from this experience? The clearer you are, the more of an impact you’ll make. It’s not about holding lofty goals that diminish your confidence, but rather it’s about connecting to your true desires from within. I’ll help you get clear on your intentions for the workshop series, so that you can claim your passion and purpose and make it happen – in the studio and in  your life!
WEEK 3: What’s stopping you?
We all know that the dance studio can be a loaded place, full of fears, judgments, and memories of past experiences. In this session we’ll discuss things that might be holding you back from freedom and full self-expression as you’re dancing. You’ll develop the tools and confidence to break through these blocks and create a loving, accepting environment for yourself no matter where you are dancing.
WEEK 4: Developing Your Style
Everyone is different. Rather than each of us trying to fit a specific ideal, we will explore how YOU move and what makes YOU unique. You’ll begin to define your personal style and incorporate it into your solo dance and the group choreography.
WEEK 5: What It Means to Shine
Have you ever backed out of an opportunity to be in the spotlight? Do you worry about what others would think if you stood out? In this session, we’ll examine common “shine stoppers” and develop the techniques to dissipate them so that you can allow yourself to fully be seen and expressed. After all, “As we let our own light sine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” (quote by Marianne Williamson)
WEEK 6: Rocking It Out
You’ve done the inner and outer work to fully step into yourself and your power as a dancer. It’s now time to let it all go and let yourself indulge in the fun and excitement of dancing on camera!


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In the words of Irene Cara…

”Take your passion and make it happen!”

What people are saying…


em dancin“I haven’t taken dance class in a LONG time.  I had no idea how much stuff from the past was in the way.  Dancing with Jess is so much more than just dancing.

“She walks the path of what she teaches. She lives her creativity and gives all of us permission to do the same. “

~  Emily Whyte, Actor, Alexander Teacher, M.AmSat




“It got me moving and creating again…”

-       Kelly Gilpatrick, Actor & Film Producer


charlotte“Non-judgmental, joyful, a learning experience.”

-       Charlotte Blake, Pilates Teacher






“Exercising my life as well as my body!”

-       Sha-Na Dahl, Owner of Love Me Organics




MC pic for Jess



“The 6-week program structure allowed me to work with my schedule and for once make time for something that usually falls by the way side.”

-       Marie-Cecile Girard-Jones, Mom, Executive and Dancer




“It was a chance for me to get back to something that I had somewhat forgotten… A fun way to ease back into a passion that intimidates me, having been away for so long.”

-       Tyla Fowler, Writer & Personal Assistant


I want to dance with Jess!