this blog post is 5 sentences long.

On this Creative Friday, or shall we call it Cinco de Danza, I’m going to let dance speak for me.

Because I’m tired. Because it’s been a rough week. Because I’m realizing how I can overcomplicate or overexplain things when actually all that’s needed is a dance.

Here’s my dance video and story.

I hope you dance, too,

P.s. There’s a dance video happening every day over on my Instagram, along with all the other amazing humans sharing videos who are taking part in #danceinmay2017. Join us here.

p.p.s. Our next NYC class series is starting this Monday May 8th. It’s all about re-inspiring your dance process. I’ll be facilitating creative, collaborative sessions in which YOUR expression can flow freely. Get all the deets and sign up here.

5 comments on “this blog post is 5 sentences long.

  1. Julie B on said:

    I’m sorry you had a rough week, Jess, I can relate, I got lots of hard news with family & friends this past week, too. :( I loved your video and the connection you made though! :) Yes, sometimes we need to just basically “shut up and dance!” right?! :)

    • jess on said:

      Sorry to hear about the hard news, Julie. I hope things are as OK as possible. Dance always helps, for sure! Sending lots of love and good vibes to you and your loved ones.

      • Julie B on said:

        Thanks, Jess! I’m trying to stay optimistic in the midst of a lot of yucky stuff going on. My heart hurts deeply for many loved ones right now! XOXO

        • jess on said:

          I’m so sorry to hear that and am sending my love and blessings. Feeling similar over here! big hug,

          • Julie B on said:

            Feels like when it rains it pours right now, huh?! So sorry you’re having same thing go on…let’s keep dancing and staying optimistic through it all! Keeping you and yours in my prayers! Big hugs back!!

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