what’s the dream you’ve been putting off?

What’s the dream

that can really seem

too hard to let go of

yet too tough to redeem?


Where’s the passion

that can’t be rationed,

stirring your soul

to the point of crashin’?


Who really knows

where your heart goes

in the middle of the night

when your inner world grows?


When do you decide

to go for the ride

and stop holding back

out of fear or your pride?


Why not today,

why not find a way,

to free what’s in you

and let your dream play.

  • Jess Grippo 3/9/17




Sometimes it’s not that easy to locate your passions and see the clear path from which they can grow outside of you.

Sometimes dreams linger for weeks, months, years, without being nurtured or expressed.

Sometimes you hit the snooze button on your creativity, many times in a row.

All of that’s ok.

Creativity comes in cycles, just like everything else on this spherical planet that spins around the sun, just like the moon that changes shape every day.

We cannot always be productive. (Or we can try to, but then we’ll burn out.)

Today I’m encouraging you to be gentle with your creative cycles, have compassion if you’re not “taking your passion and making it happen” in every moment, AND, at the same time, to not be so gentle that you snooze for much longer than necessary.

As we get closer to the Spring transition, there’s a rumble in the earth, with all the seedlings and new life that’s about to sprout.

What’s the rumble inside of you?
What’s getting ready to emerge this year?
What dream can you no longer hit snooze on?

Start by sharing it with me in the comments below.

A little bit of witnessing goes a long way for emerging dreams :)

If there were any moment of year when it was super timely and necessary to bring your dreams to the surface, it would be now.

It’s a great time to wake up.

standing in as your creative alarm clock,

One comment on “what’s the dream you’ve been putting off?

  1. Julie B on said:

    Love your poem, Jess, especially the part about “Who really knows where your heart goes in the middle of the night when your inner world grows?” Planning on more learning this Spring, and turning it out however it wants to come through. :)

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