do more of what you love.

dance into your answers.

jess grippo dance

I believe that our self-expression is essential to our health and happiness as human beings.

When we disconnect from the cycles of nature, of our bodies, and of our creativity, it makes us sick, unhappy, blocked, and dis-eased as individuals and as a culture.

No matter what mess life gives us, we have the creative power to make something with it, to reinvent ourselves as we invent a new way of sharing our experiences.

We can take this creative power and dance through life – literally and figuratively.

We don’t need to wait for permission to do this.

We make our own rules, we create our lives.

When we do so, life becomes a colorful, soulful, adventurous dance.

We let in more love, more life, more freedom, and more magic into our world.

That is what heals us and heals the planet.

Let’s start now. Let’s dance it out and say what we need to say through our bodies, our souls, and our unique and powerful voices.



p.s. How do you start?

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And check out the numerous ways we can dance and work together to make this world a more joyful, creative place.

We got this.