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let’s dance.

jess grippo dance

Dance isn’t just a physical activity.

It’s a practice of trust, an expression of truth.

(After all, your hips don’t lie.)

Whether you’re shaking it out on a dancefloor, jamming to Formation in your bedroom, or sharing those inspirational dance videos on Facebook (which, by the way, you’re partly jealous of because you wish you had made one yourself), one thing’s for sure:

It takes balls to make a dance move happen.

Sure, you can follow along with your Zumba instructor,

Or watch Beyonce videos over and over again until you learn all the moves,

(Both of which are totally awesome and I’ve done before – not knocking them!)

But what happens when it’s just you and the music?

psst… ^^^That right there, folks, is a metaphor for life.

There’s an art to being able to dance it out like no one’s watching.

And that art will translate into self-expression and authenticity in most other areas of your life, if you really let it.

The key to finding that freedom?

It’s actually already inside of you.

It’s all about clearing out the crap that’s in your way, so that you can connect to your truth and trust yourself enough to let movement flow out of you.

But how do you do that?!

Enter: Dance Into Your Answers, the non-intimidating, non-exclusive, non-technical dance workshop for women and men who want to take ownership of their authenticity and expression on the dancefloor and in life.

Because if you can trust your body enough to express itself through movement, you can trust yourself enough to bring more of YOU to your career, relationships, and creative life.

It starts in your body.

It starts with your dance.

It starts when you say yes to your instincts.

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